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Pro Feet, Inc., is a privately held company based out of Burlington, North Carolina. Founded in 1979, we have been growing profitably for over 36 years, entering into our 2nd generation of operation. 

Pro Feet started out selling multi packs and case packs of goods to mass merchant retailers and the United States Military.  Over the years we began to sell Team Athletics.  Today, Team Athletics is the largest segment of our business.  As we moved away from mass retail, we changed from selling mostly cotton multi packs to selling Performance Moisture Wicking socks.  This change dramatically changed our business and set Pro Feet as a leader in innovation.  

Our Team Athletic business consist of thousands of in stock SKU’s.  In our Performance Line we stock Performance football, baseball, soccer, softball, basketball, lacrosse, cheer, track and field and various other sport socks.  All of our Performance Line uses Polypropylene yarn which Wicks away moisture, dries super fast, is bleach cleanable and lighter weight than other yarns.  We also have a Series of Polypropylene socks that are blended with X Static (R) yarn; which is a pure Silver yarn that adds the benefit of Thermodynamics and Odor Control.  We are the only company in our team market to offer this level of performance.  All of these socks are Made in North Carolina.

Also on our team side, we offer our Participation Line of team socks.  These socks (also guaranteed for 1 Year) are made of Acrylic, Nylon, Polyester or Cotton.  This assortment is perfect for any elementary, middle school, high school or college level players.

With the success of our changes to Performance Socks in our team markets, we quickly change strategy for our Uniform, Public Safety and Military markets.  Success was again found by upgrading existing programs to the Performance Level.  So whether we are selling the United States Navy, the Transportation Safety Administration, U.S. Border Patrol, Department of Forestry, United States Marine Corp, or any of the hundreds of Police and Sheriff's departments across the country, we make a sock that will protect and comfort the foot for long term daily wear.

Our Custom Sock business has taken on a life of its own.  We are now producing 2 types of Custom Socks.  The most popular is our Custom Knit-in program.  This allows you to add your logo or name to several preset styles.  We can turn these in as few as 5 weeks and in some cases as few as 2 weeks.  Our other program is Custom Sublimated Socks.  Extremely high definition designs and be printed onto 3 pre knit styles; Over the Calf, Crew (most popular) and a Quarter length (new to our assortment).   These are typically ready to ship in 3-4 weeks.  This can be matched with our sublimated Arm Sleeves to complete the team or business uniform package.

We also can do Private Label Programs with any of our current styles or we can take your original designs and create your own brand of Private Label socks.  There are minimums that have to be met, so call us for more detailed information.

Look for Pro Feet for all your Team Socks, Uniform Socks, Military Socks, Custom Socks and Sublimated Sock needs.  

Thank you for your interest in Pro Feet, Inc.

What Pro Feet Offers

Pro Feet Inc., is the leader in team athletic socks, socks for Public Safety officials; police, sheriffs, EMT’s, security officers and the USPS (United States Postal Service) and all branches of the United States military; including the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Marine and the U.S. Coast Guard.  We also serve the Veterans of the US military by providing socks to the Veterans Canteen Service. 

In the Team Athletic side of our company, we carry; in stock and ready to ship today; performance football socks, performance baseball and softball socks, performance soccer socks, performance cheerleading socks, lacrosse socks, volleyball socks, and socks for track and field and many other sports.

We also carry a full line of team athletic socks for the middle school, high school and college player. Our participation line includes several of our best-selling socks for teams and leagues.

We have acrylic, nylon and cotton socks in our “Participation” category.  Within this category we carry an assortment of in stock socks, blanks, 3 pair packs and 6 pair packs. 

We also have a great line of Team Athletic Custom Socks.  Our knit in Custom socks can be made as custom football socks, custom baseball socks; including stirrup socks, custom softball socks, custom soccer socks, custom basketball socks and custom cheerleading socks.  We also do custom Lacrosse socks in several different styles.

Not only do we have a custom knit in sock program, we have a Custom Sublimated sock program.  We have Custom Sublimated socks for all sports and even for the ASI market.  You can find us on ESP.  We stock a crew length and an over the calf length sock for sublimation.  We also sell our blanks to other dealers to print and retail.

If you are in the uniform business, you can find all the performance work and duty socks you need.  We stock thousands of socks for the military, public safety, USPS, police, security, sheriffs and other law enforcement agencies. 

We also have a full custom sock option for our public safety and military business.  If you need a sock specific for your police department, security team or your platoon, we can make the sock specific to your team

Everyday socks, performance socks, team socks, uniform socks for, postal socks, public safety socks and hospitality socks, we have it all. 

In Stock or Custom socks, Pro Feet can take care of your needs.  

Need Assistance?

Please feel free to give us a call at 336-226-0237 to speak with a Pro Feet representative.

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