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 Performance Custom Low Cut
PC7LC (Size 7-9)
PC9LC (Size 9-11)
PC10LC (Size 10-13)
PC13LC (Size 13-16)

 Performance Custom Quarter
PC7Q (Size 7-9)
PC9Q (Size 9-11)
PC10Q (Size 10-13)
PC13Q (Size 13-16)

 Performance Custom Mid-Crew
PCMC XS (Size 5-7)
PCMC S (Size 7-9)
PCMC M (Size 9-11)
PCMC L(Size 10-13)
PCMC XL (Size 13-16)

Performance Custom Crew
PC5C (Size 5-7)
PC7C (Size 7-9)
PC9C (Size 9-11)
PC10C (Size 10-13)
PC13C (Size 13-16)

Performance Custom Boundless
235S (Size 7-9)
235M (Size 9-11)
235L (Size 10-13)
235XL (Size 13-16)

Performance Gen 2 Series FORCE
2310S (Size 7-9)
2310M (Size 9-11)
2310L (Size 10-13)
2310XL (Size 13-16)

Performance Gen 2 Series BLITZ
2311S (Size 7-9)
2311M (Size 9-11)
2311L (Size 10-13)
23101XL (Size 13-16)

Performance Gen2 Series PIVOT
2312S (Size 7-9)
2312M (Size 9-11)
2312L (Size 10-13)
2312XL (Size 13-16)

Performance Shooter 2.0
238S (Size 7-9)
238M (Size 9-11)
238L (Size 10-13)
238XL (Size 13-16)

Performance Custom Terminal Velocity
2302TVS (Size 7-9)
2302TVM (Size 9-11)
2302TVL (Size 10-13)
2302TVXL (Size 13-16)

Performance Custom Viper 
233S (Size 7-9)
233M (Size 9-11)
233L (Size 10-13)
233XL (Size 13-16)

Performance Custom 3 Pointer
2303 PS (Size 7-9)
2303 PM (Size 9-11)
2303 PL (Size 10-13)
2303 PXL (Size 13-16)

  Performance Custom 1st & Goal
2301S (Size 7-9)
2301M (Size 9-11)
2301L (Size 10-13)
2301XL (Size 13-16)
Performance Custom BOOST
237S (Size 7-9)
237M (Size 9-11)
237L (Size 10-13)
237XL (Size 13-16)

 Performance Custom 2-Stripe
245S (Size 7-9)
245M (Size 9-11)
245L (Size 10-13)
245XL (Size 13-16)

Performance Custom 3-Stripe
246S (Size 7-9)
246M (Size 9-11)
246L (Size 10-13)
246XL (Size 13-16)

Performance Split-Top
247S (Size 7-9)
247M (Size 9-11)
247L (Size 10-13)
247XL (Size 13-16)

 Performance Custom Tube*
PC5T (Size 5-7)
PC7T (Size 7-9)
PC9T (Size 9-11)
PC10T (Size 10-13)
PC13T (Size 13-16)

 Performance PC Over the Calf
PC5 OTC (Size 5-7)
PC7 OTC (Size 7-9)
PC9 OTC (Size 9-11)
PC10 OTC (Size 10-13)
PC13 OTC (Size 13-16)
 Performance Shooter 2.0 Over the Calf
232S (Size 7-9)
232M (Size 9-11)
232L (Size 10-13)
232 XL (Size 13-16)

Performance Custom Socks
  • Yarns for superior moisture wicking and to provide bacteria/odor resistance
  • Double-welt top for better stay-up performance
  • Ankle support promotes stability*
  • Arch support for better fit and increased circulation*
  • Full-cushion foot for shock absorbency
  • Knit-in heel and toe
Perfect for:
Team uniforms
School uniforms
Special events

*The Performance Custom Tube does not provide arch/ankle support

Custom goods are sold only to qualified retailers.  
If you are interested in becoming a Pro Feet Dealer please contact us at

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